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Sacrifice Tutorial movie #13: Sides Setup

Movie showing how to use the Sacrifice level editor...

Publisher: Interplay 

Warcraft 3 - ECTS 2001 Game Play Movie

This exciting video shows a ton of gameplay from Warcraft 3...

Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment 

Yuri's Revenge Official Map Pack #3

New official Maps for Yuri's Revenge! The third official map...

Publisher: Westwood Studios 

Red Alert 3 - Rush and Destroy

Rush Destroy is special map for 1 vs 1 player scenarios...

Publisher: elven 

Rise of Legends Promo Video #2

The sequel to the successful realtime strategy series, now...

Publisher: Microsoft 

SSN-Mod v1.0

Here is version 1.0 of the popular SSN mod for Sudden Strike...

Publisher: Saizew and Erdbeer 




Only a single resource depot for each player; the mid-game...

Publisher: Xhzjang 

Shogun 2: Total War 'Announcement' Trailer

The Creative Assembly returns to the Japanese feudal era in...

Publisher: Creative Assembly 

Kingdom Under Fire Trailer (long, 320)

This is an awesome movies giving the story behind the game...

Publisher: Phantagram