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Khmer News

The official app for Khmer News lets you stay abreast of the newest reports throughout Cambodia

Publisher: Santel Phin 

Dân trí

Vietnamese app that brings you the latest news and event infos courtesy of VCCorp

Publisher: VCCORP 

Dainik Bhaskar

Stay plugged in to the latest news by using this news feed app for the Hindi community

Publisher: Converse Today 

Tin tức 24h

Use this free software to access the current world clock and view various countdown timers

Publisher: AOESOFT 

PuthiyaThalaimurai Magazine

Use this app to gain access to new editions of the popular magazine from Tamil

Publisher: New Generation Media Corporati 

apkDOSE 1.0

A lightweight and user friendly media app that gives you the latest Android news available

Publisher: Birju Gurung