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Samachar 360

Keep track of the leading news stories from around the world

Publisher: BichitraKo Inc. 

El Nuevo Día

Find breaking news and share stories with friends on the official Endi mobile app

Publisher: GFR Media - Primera Hora 

Action News

Find up to the minute news updates for the city of Tampa, Florida in this app

Publisher: The E.W. Scripps Company 


Tap into a vast database of endless magazines and reading material

Publisher: Kono Digital 

PolimerNews 2.1

Stay informed of the most recent news from India and the world

Publisher: Polimer TV 

Greek News Online

Watch the latest news coming out of Greece right on your smartphone or tablet for free

Publisher: Sirens Apps 


Stay up to date on the latest stories and news from the Orthodox church

Publisher: SISMEN 

Breaking News & Hot Stories

App that conveniently brings you the latest news from all over the world right to your phone

Publisher: Fuzhou Xianzhi Ruishi Informat 

World news app 2.3.1

Free news app that brings you the latest happenings from around the world using multiple sources



Serving the diaspora of the Horn of Africa region with the latest news and events

Publisher: Gadaa