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Jason Voorhees
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Description: Jason Voorhees

A 'Jason' model for Quake 2.


Model Name : Jason Voorhees, v1.0
installation directory : quake2/baseq2/players/jasonv
Author : Pestilence
Email Address : [email protected]
Web Address : www.psychosis-studios.com/psychodm

Model description : Here for your fragging pleasure is
Jason Voorhees, the indestructible
(and extremely soft-spoken) serial
killing goalie from hell. It's Friday
the 13th: Jason Takes Stroggos.

Other info : Jason's always been my favorite of all
the kooky slasher flick anti-heroes,
so I figured I'd let him build up his
recently stagnant body count in Q2.
This release is complete, and thus
designated version 1.0, but there are
more skins and a custom sound pack
planned if/when time allows...

Additional Credits to : id Software

Thanks to : id Software, the Q2PMP, and all the
helpful folks at the Q2PMP boards


* Play Information *
New Sounds : nope (for now)
CTF Skins : yep (red and blue)
VWEP Support : yep

* Construction *
Poly Count : tris-623
weapon-varied (id VWep)
Vert Count : tris-337
weapon-varied (id VWep)
Skin Count : 3 (for now)

Base : built from scratch (except the hands,
which were adapted from my previous

Editor used : Modeling: Lightwave 5.6
Animating: Lightwave 5.6 + Puppet Master
Compiling: qME 3.1p2
Skinning: Npherno's Skin Tool .9b3
Photoshop 4.0.1
Testing: Skinview 4.3

Known Bugs : There's a couple problems that arose after
I'd completed the animations, so I didn't
go back and change them: The mask has no
back faces, so it looks like it disappears
when he removes it in the taunt anim. Also,
the pit and claws of hell float above the
ground just a little bit, and they're an
excessive use of polys, I know. Also, his
face doesn't really look like it does in
any of the flicks. If you want to call that
a bug. Finally, I'm sure there are the odd
clipping issues here and there as there are
with just about every model.

Build/Animation time : 2 weeks, roughly

* How to use this model *
Unzip everything here into your Quake2 directory. (Using WinZip is my
preferred method.) That's it!

* Copyright / Permissions *
QUAKE(R) and QUAKE II(R) are registered trademarks of id Software, Inc.
Jason Voorhees is (C) New Line Cinema, I think.

Everyone else, don't try to make money off this thing, or you will meet
with furious anger and punishment via machete. If you want to use the
model otherwise, please let me know.

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