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Area Assault
Jess Goss
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Description: Area Assault

A tedious romp through a grunt-infested warehouse.

Title: Area Assault
Filename: area1.bsp (part1), part 2 under construction.
Author: Jes Goss (KaK)
Email Address: [email protected]
Other Stuff:

Known Bugs : I think i've got rid of most of them!
Installation : Put the map in your ?:\halflife\valve\maps\ Folder.
Make shortcut on your desktop (or wherever) with -console on the
end of the hl.exe command: hl.exe -console then when HL loads drop the
console down and type: map area1

The map is for people who like tactical firefights. I warn you now, run into
a room blasting will get you killed very fast.
This is not my first level but it's the first i've "let loose" so i hope you it.
As you may notice the level design is not the best but i hope the gameplay
makes up for this.
Copyright: Distribute, decompile, cut and modify this map anyway you like.

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