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The Lounge
Mike Warren
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Description: The Lounge

Clean the aliens out of the lounge!

Author: Mike Warren (aka PieGnome when playing Half-Life online)
Filename: lounge.bsp
Description: This level is some sort of lounge area. Obviously, a few
of those friendly little guys from xen have been teleporting
in and killing everyone. Gordon is taking a break and
happens to come across the mess in progress.
Thanks to: Jason Hobbs (he made the sound system prefab wich I downloaded
from a place I can't remember)



Construction Info

Base: Made from scratch (sounds like this is a recipe or something)
Editor Used: Worldcraft 2.0 of course
Known bugs: Uum...I know I worked out a few...not to sure if there's anymore.
Build time: I forget...way too long though.


More info

Just to let you know, this is the first map of any kind that I've made
for any game, so be a bit forgiving for flaws. I know the level is short,
but I didn't have the time to make some massive, ultra detailed thing,
so this is all you get. As for the end of the stage, those beams are supposed to transport you
to Xen. I've yet to make the Xen level. It's possible I may never make
it, but you never know.

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