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Issues is one heck of an incoherent map pack created by various level designers from the Half-Life community.

A troubled past one may have, his future lies still ahead. As Freeman travels his journey old Issues block his path. Dr. Trobech has gone missing and who will account for all the searching? The road is dangerous and the valleys are steep yet Freeman travels interdimensionally. Will he ever find his gone missing friend and resolve his Issues alongside the path? The question is clear yet the answer is vague. Will Freeman find his answers, will you help him resolve his Issues?

Issues started out as the sequel to “Project Quantum Leap” but quickly evolved into something a bit different. Various people from the Half-Life community have worked on this project, both regulars and newcomers, and together we’ve once again created one incoherent map-pack. But this time - we added a story to bind it all together. Well sort of, anyway.

It's different. It’s not your average Half-Life mod. Will you be able to resolve all the Issues? Wait, play, think, shoot, jump, enjoy, shoot and resolve…

Issues; A Single-Player, Spirit of Half-Life Experience.

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