1. Audio software

  2. Organize

The GodFather 0.89

Organizes music files of many different kinds

Publisher: TGF  Rating: 5.6 out of 10 (43 votes)

Reezaa MP3 Tag Editor 1.0

Edit and add information on MP3 files

Publisher: Reezaa Media Inc  Rating: 6.9 out of 10 (25 votes)

MP3 Normalizer 1.03.05

Normalizer for MP3 and WAV audio files

Publisher: Cherry Lee  Rating: 6.2 out of 10 (25 votes)

iTunes Sync 1.5.1

An app for iOS and Windows that helps keep your audio library up to dateĀ 

Publisher: Binary Fortress Software  Rating: 5.6 out of 10 (48 votes)

iTunes Library Updater 1.22

Perform an update on your iTunes library

Publisher: Itlu  Rating: 6.4 out of 10 (27 votes)

Audio Amplifier Pro 2.2.1

Adjust the volume of any file on your computer with ease

Publisher: dandans-digital-media  Rating: 5.9 out of 10 (196 votes)