Study Island

E-learning software to help high school and junior high students prepare for and excel on standardized tests


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Study Island is an academic program aimed at children. This program provides subjects and tests based on the child's age and standardized tests in your area. You will find that this program is able to target weaknesses to help your child, it's special needs friendly and the program is consistently updated with new features.

Main Features

Study Island is made primarily for children, but it also has many subjects and tests for high school students. This academic program includes all of the major subjects such as language arts, mathematics, social sciences and much more. You will find reading materials, tests, activities and much more to keep you engaged as you learn.

You will earn points based on how many correct answers you get. While this keeps some students motivated and allows you to see your progress, some have complained that you get fewer and fewer points if you select many wrong answers. Study Island keeps track of your progress and helps identify weaknesses so that you can improve your overall performance.

Customized Lessons

Many programs like Study Island can be customized based on your child's age, grade and academic capabilities. Whether your child is struggling in a certain subject, has special needs or is very advanced for their age, Study Island will be able to help. Simply choose the right settings to get appropriate lessons and tests.

One unique feature is that it takes your geographic location into account and teaches you lessons based on standardized tests. For example, the standardized tests in America, England and Canada are all different. If you live in America, then studying for the Canadian tests may not be very beneficial. This program ensures that you learn exactly what you need to in order to pass important tests.

Purchasing a License

You will need to purchase a license to access Study Island. You can either do this on a monthly or yearly basis. The annual plans allow you to save a substantial amount when compared to the monthly plan. You also have to consider the number of children who need to access Study Island.

The basic plan allows one child to use this program while the next tier allows up to five children to use the program.

Frequent Errors

There are numerous complaints about the programs having errors. Some people claim that the answers are incorrect or that the program marks wrong answers as right. Others say that tests commonly don't launch unless you load them multiple times. Graphical errors appear to be common as well. This can cause graphics to either load incorrectly or to not load at all.

Study Island is frequently updated, so be sure to check to see if the errors are gone. You can get a free trial for 10 days to see if the program is right for you.


  • Includes all the major subjects such as math, language arts, reading and more.
  • Customized programs based on standardized tests in your area.
  • Useful for young children and high school students.


  • Commonly has graphical errors and sometimes the questions are incorrect.
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Bloomington, MN
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