1. Vertical Industry Software


Content integration services to help teachers and trainers create user-friendly learning management systems for students and employees


Help your construction company make a digital transformation with enterprise resource planning features to manage every aspect of your project portfolio

Google Classroom

An online tool to help educators organize lesson plans and teach more efficiently


Patient-centric electronic health records (EHR) software with revenue cycle management modules and telehealth features

Adobe Connect

Tell stories that reach out and grab your audience's attention with engaging presentations, webinars, and digital training modules

Pluralsight Skills

LMS for technical teams that need to learn new skills rapidly and receive effective feedback along the way

Blackboard Learn

A business educational tool that teaches your employees relevant information and also improves their engagement

Infosec Skills

Online tool designed to train employees in multiple avenues of cybersecurity disciplines


Software for nonprofit companies to better engage with their audience and donors to help business thrive


A communication tool integrating student data so that educators can work closely with their students