1. Security Software


Established provided of virtual private networking solutions offering apps for desktop, mobile, and portable devices

Symantec Encryption

A lightweight encryption program that ensures all devices and programs are safe from hackers

Cisco Talos

Analyze cyber threats to predict when your organization might come under attack next and fend off hackers before they can strike


A managed security provider with an optimized CDN, DDos protection, and 24/7 threat response

Zscaler Internet Access

A cloud-based security program that helps to monitor access to reduce unauthorized users

PDQ Deploy

This tool helps with making and deploying software patches so current customers are happy

Symantec VIP

Enterprise software for secure access and identify management services that can handle endpoints and individuals


Information Technology tool designed for teams to test systems for security vulnerabilities


A penetration testing tool that simulates SQL injection and other database takeover attacks


File encryption software for users of Mac OS X 10.3 and later editions of this operating system