1. Security Software

Cisco Meraki

Advanced networking platform for IT departments that need to manage multiple Wi-Fi connections and users

Alert Logic MDR

This security program is always monitoring your network for unauthorized access so you can quickly stop hackers

SentinelOne Endpoint Protection Platform

An AI-powered cybersecurity platform that hunts for threats across all of your organization's data containers


Malware detection software that scans disk partitions, personal folders, and system files on Windows devices


An advanced fraud detection system that is able to discover when payments are illegal or noncompliant

VPN tool for browsing the web anonymously and protecting your identity

Netsparker by Invicti

An automated business security tool that tests your network to find openings and vulnerabilities


Popular provider of virtual private network services that enhance personal and business web browsing security

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2020

Protect your precious data from ransomware attacks with advanced encryption and a proprietary behavioral threat detection engine


Plugin for Wordpress that protects your website against virtual threats and malware