LinkedIn Learning

A detailed library of courses for those who want to learn more about business and technology


An online education platform that helps experts monetize their skills by creating courses and helps aspiring learners find courses at their current level

CBT Nuggets

A training platform that helps users learn IT without all the boring lectures and classes

HubSpot Academy

Learn the latest inbound marketing techniques, content marketing strategies, and more with an online training platform from Hubspot

Cloud Academy

An educational program focused on enterprise skills and cloud computing to help you compete with modern industries


An educational platform for IT professionals that is entertaining and engaging to ensure the best learning


A platform where career people can learn a variety of skills to advance their careers


Online learning platform with more than 4,000 courses from accredited universities from around the world

Khan Academy

A comprehensive online learning platforms with short, engaging videos on a variety of STEM topics


Online learning platform that provides instructional lessons on the most popular programming languages in the world