1. Digital Advertising Platforms

Adobe Advertising Cloud

Digital advertising management system that ties directly into various modules within Adobe Creative Cloud


An AI-driven marketing platform that allows you to easily sell your advertisements for the best profitability


This data connectivity program allows you to use and control data to improve the customer experience


A push-button social media advertising engine that uses AI to create effective Instagram and Facebook campaigns


A comprehensive advertising portal that has various tools for advertisers and publishers


A digital advertising manager for local magazines, regional publications, city news websites, and radio stations


Software that allows for organizing campaign finances, personnel and logistics whiled providing detailed expense reports.

Amobee DSP

Figure out which advertisements are working for your organization and track their performance from one unified dashboard

Salesforce Advertising Studio

Leverage the data in your Salesforce CRM to generate lookalike audiences and increase long-term customer value

Google AdMob

Get a better picture of your app traffic, and improve conversions and revenue