1. Digital Advertising Platforms

Unity Ads

An in-app marketing platform that allows you to monetize from users that never make in-app purchases

TikTok Ads

A complete advertising platform that helps TikTok marketers identify emerging trends, find high-value prospects, and craft the perfect message

The Trade Desk

A self-service real-time bidding engine for digital advertisers to deploy campaigns across multiple devices at scale


Former digital video ads platform now owned and managed by Adobe under its Advertising Cloud


Online demand-side platform for marketers and advertisers who wish to reach audiences through websites and apps


Multichannel marketing platform now known as Wunderkind; it uses real-time messaging to increase sales and conversions

Yelp Advertising

Generate a highly effective marketing campaign with an emphasis on brand visibility and profitable outcomes


Independent ad server that allows you to bypass the major services to position your message online


Online advertising exchange platform for publishers and marketers who want to increase their internet visibility

Oracle BlueKai Data Management Platform

Digital promotion and advertising platform that is now part of the Oracle Data Cloud