1. Development Software

Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS)

Enterprise-level service provided by Amazon for clients to run applications and scale them as needed


Develop high-quality games with a 2D and 3D designer that creates realistic characters and lifelike environments

MadCap Flare

Technical writing software ideal for companies that need to publish proprietary content through XML and CSS

Pega Platform

Web and software development solution that minimizes coding with templates, workflows, and business process guidance


A text editor from Adobe that lets front-end web developers and design embed custom fonts directly into the browser


A drag-and-drop app creator for businesses that want to build custom accounting apps, CRMs, and much more


Popular website hosting administration panel that allows users to manage DNS, email accounts, and more


A privacy-compliant analytics application that helps online businesses prevent fraud and engage with their most valuable users at scale


This is an app builder that is intended to help small businesses make proprietary apps


A simplified coding platform that allows you to minimize interference and code with ease