The powerful & fast 512-bit file encryption tool for...

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The powerful & fast 512-bit file encryption tool for information's absolute protection.

GreatCrypt is a powerful file encryption tool that provides an absolute protection of any digital information. It allows you to protect the privacy of your sensitive files by encrypting them with the latest in encryption technology that is the strongest and fastest 512-bit key algorithm CHAOS!. This is the most secure form of encryption available on the market today.

GreatCrypt provides the highest level of security, and yet it is very easy to learn and use. It incorporates three components, which provide the absolute data protect and make the work to be pleasant: powerful and easy-to-use interface, high performance and strong encryption algorithm. The software allows you keep your private data in unbreakable encrypted form on your desktop, mobile computers and removable drives really safe and unbreakable and provide you with the transparent access to it from any application program.

The potential area of use for GreatCrypt is wide: from big corporations to small offices, home offices or private computers, where the role of the Security Officer is taken on by the user themselves. With it's zero learning curve and powerful features, it is the ideal product for all users. Using GreatCrypt you can be absolutely sure that nobody ever will have an access to your personal, commercial and confidential information.

GreatCrypt contains many advanced features to help you better secure your files. Use all features of GreatCrypt software at home or at office to handle your privacy naturally - the way you want and how you want, simply and directly:

Powerful and easy-to-use interface

High performance

Extra strong 512-bit encryption

A very fast cryptographic engine

Statistically impregnable against brute force attacks

Works with all file types

Quick access to any files

Standard Windows Functions

Works with every kind of medium

Detailed help system

Fully compatible with Windows

FREE decryption software

FREE upgrade to all new versions

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