Cloak v4.0

Encrypt and hide files in bitmap pictures...

Cloak v4.0

Encrypt and hide files in bitmap pictures.

Cloak is a powerful steganography program used to encrypt and hide files within bitmap pictures. Files hidden with Cloak are not only undetectable, but uncrackable as well. Cloak uses advanced technology to protect files including: Cloak-128 / Blowfish encryption algorithms, optimized compression, and password protection of files. You can secure any file type with Cloak including ".exe" files. Bitmap pictures containing hidden files are fully functional and are identical to the original bitmap picture.

Cloak is an ideal program for individuals who share very sensitive data with colleagues, family or friends, and require that data to remain secure. Cloak is more than just an encryption program; it is also an electronic camouflage for your files. Other products just encrypt your files, but Cloak takes it a step further by hiding your file within another file, thus making your data secure and untraceable.

Cloak was featured in the August 2001 issue of Smart Computing magazine, and has received great reviews for it’s technological achievements.

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