es Best Hand Monitor

This program calculates the best cards (hands) on the table...

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es Best Hand Monitor

This program calculates the best cards (hands) on the table and displays them.

This utility helps you the game better to control. It calculates the best cards (hands) on the table an displays them. You always know if somebody has possibly better cards (hands) and can win this game. In this case you should fold. Of course you can bluff but it means a lot of risk. And if you have the best hand, you should get all what is possible in this round. You can not lose anymore.

Poker is one of the games where to win or to lose depends not only on luck. So the more information you have the merrier are your Chances to win.

And so easy works that:

1) start the program;

2) choose cards that was placed on the table;

3) if there are better cards than yours they will be displayed;

4) you have to take a choice if you call, raise or fold.


1) this program extends your attention and protects you against improvident game;

2) fast computation lets use this utility with online games;

3) comfortable cards input (just one click);

4) "Always on top" protects that this utility will be hide by other programs.

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