eZee FrontDesk Hotel Software

eZee FrontDesk Hotel Software is ideal solution for hotel...

eZee FrontDesk Hotel Software

eZee FrontDesk Hotel Software is ideal solution for hotel having 10-100 Rooms.

eZee FrontDesk is a general purpose hotel and motel software which is can be used as a hotel maintenance software, hotel reservations software, hotel management software, hotel billing software, hotel property management software (pms).

It is ideal solution for hotel having 10-100 Rooms.

Main Features include.

Hotel status from main screen with easy Check in Check Out


Group Management/ Operations

Direct Billing/ City Ledger

Guest Snaps with Web cam at Various Stages of Stay

Full network support

Multiple rate and rate type support in single stay

Comprehensive User Management

Quick check-in through identification card swipe

Ability to change room for a rented room on any day of the Guest Stay

Well designed restore database operation for data recover at any stage

Transaction management with insert, delete and restore feature

Expense Management

Payment Authorization (Open credit card transaction)

Hotel Configuration

House Keeping

Lost and Found Management

Guest Message Recording

Address Book

Password protected Day blocking to secure data

Can edit any rental in the past, each day is shown in Windows explorer style tree view

Flash rooms whose rent is delinquent

Late check outs

Software may be configured at any time without impacting past rental data

UNDO room status facility with Reports

Bad Debt operation at transaction level

Guest database with advance search, export and import facility

Scheduled and Manual Back up of all data

Guest History

Multiple Rooms Status Updates

Weed out trouble customers by marking them as DNR (Do Not Rent)

Room Blocking for any transaction

Extended Help

Customized reports on demand available now.

Charts for better representation of data

Reports can be customize on certain level

Password protected reports

Additional Modules include Telephone Call Accounting, Credit Card Interface, Guest Pictures Interface, Point-of-Sale Interface, Swipe Card Reader Interface.

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