OP4 Snipering

This is a small sniping-only map designed for the up &...

OP4 Snipering

This is a small sniping-only map designed for the up & coming op4 sniper league. It has a dark and wintery setting, and contains only sniping and some close combat weapons.




====* Play Information *====

Title : op4_snipering

Date : 22nd October 2000

Filename : op4_snipering.bsp

Author : Ollie "Leperous" Robertshaw

Email Address : [email protected]

Home page :

Description : Sniper map designed primarily for op4 sniper league

Previous Maps : op4_city, op4_tau, op4ctf_tension, op4_tension, smallone, saveryan (TFC)

Story : You find yourself lost in the outskirts of the Black Mesa complex, somewhere

high up in the mountains. Armed with only a survival knife and a hunting

crossbow, you set off, to, um, frag :)

Description : This map is designed for the up & coming op4 sniper tournaments

See for details.

Credits/Thanks : Thanks to everyone who's made suggestions, comments, etc.

D33 for getting the darn league half-working ;)

Santagauss for letting me use his server for a playtest and numberous


====* Map Info *====

Single Player : No

Cooperative Player : No

Deathmatch Player : Yes

Difficulty Settings : What? Against other people?

New Textures : No

New sounds : No

CD Track : None

* Construction *

Base : From scratch

Editor(s) used : WorldCraft 3.3

Compile Machine : AMD K6-3 450Mhz, with 256 megs RAM

Compile time : 30 minutes

Build time : Around 1 month




The only weapons on this map are--



pipe wrench



Sniper Rifle


Satchel charges

Trip mine

There are no hidden areas (or penguins!)

====* Copyright / Permissions *====

If you wish to distribute this map, then make sure that it comes with this txt file. Please

also inform me if you put it on a server, and give me the IP so I can come play ;)

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