If any of you played the Original TrApPeD Level then you...

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If any of you played the Original TrApPeD Level then you know that all the lighting in the whole level is the same, I have fixed that along with uneven textures and some bugs.

TrAPpEd! Update version 1.0


Lights added, known bugs fixed, uneven edges fixed.

Other notes:

At the time of this maps first release I had no ideas how to compile a level with lights, I have figured it out finally! If you all liked the first TrAPpEd level then you’ll love this one, the lighting really adds the final touch to the level. Of course I am coming up with two more maps, YsoSMALL and Phobic. Remember I haven’t found all uneven edges yet so if u find some send me a Screen Shot with the area with uneven edge circled by using paint. Send it to [email protected]



1.Extract TrApPeD.bsp to C:\SIERRA\Half-Life\valve\maps

2.It will say replace TrApPeD.bsp with file TrApPeD.bsp, Say "yes".

3.After the file is replaced the update will be done!

Credits for update:

*_SpitFire_Devil: Map creation and Map design

*I_M_2COOL4U : Help with entities

Web Site:

(Currently a Age of Empires site, But that will probably change.)

· Not all updates will be on Fileplanet, so go to

for the latest updates for my levels.

THIS UPDATE MAY NOT BE DESTRIBUTED AT ALL BY ANYONE WITH OUT MY CONSENT, FOR PERMISSION YOU KNOW WHERE TO E-MAIL ME. Levels may be distributed at your own will but updates are not aloud with out my permission, you may link to my update page if you like. Also you know to not add any of my levels to a CD of any type unless for personal use.

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