Screen Guard

Personal computer protection and provides different security...

Screen Guard

Personal computer protection and provides different security policies.

The Screen Guard software product is intended for personal computer (PC) protection and provides different security policies for different users. You can manage policies using the profile created for every user. The profile allows you to implement the following user settings:

Set user’s password

Set the style of password. First style is classic, when the entered symbols are being compared with a correct password. Second style – when first N entered symbols are being compared (where N is a length of correct password). Third style – when last N entered symbols are being compared (where N is the same as in previous variant). Variants 2 and 3 are useful when you can’t prevent other peoples from watching as you’re entering your password, but still want to keep the password in secrecy.

You can forbid user to access some elements of operational system. For example, user could be forbidden to change the date and the time, add or remove programs and Windows components, change display settings, system settings and much more.

It is possible to set auto-terminating processes (the programs that each specific user is forbidden to launch)

You can set a maximal allowed term of work for each specific user (when time was expired, the PC could optionally protected or switched off).

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