Activity and Authentication Analyzer

Protect your privacy and control access to your computer...

Activity and Authentication Analyzer

Protect your privacy and control access to your computer with security tools

Unbeknownst to most computer users, each and every time they turn their computer on, it keeps a record of all activity, whether on-line or off. The ability to access past user data and files is a serious threat to the legitimate user's privacy. Activity and Authentication Analyzer is one of the solutions to this serious user privacy problem. This program is designed to completely remove the traces of your activities stored in the registry and allowing you to either delete or overwrite private data, thereby preventing any reconstruction of your activities. Using an Explorer-type interface you select the Registry section you wish to edit in one window, and then select the specific data which you wish to erase in another window. Each Registry entry displayed is accompanied by a brief description of its function to ensure that you are erasing or modifying the correct elements. Along with the erasing of activities, Activity Analyzer also contains a number of options for locking or modifying certain Control Panel options, such as Display, Network, Passwords, Printers, System and Internet Explorer Options and more. You can disable your context menus, DOS sessions, Registry editing, Internet and Network access, hide your Desktop icons, Start menu items, control Internet Explorer Usage, view computer use by your kids or employees. Security restrictions can be applied to Windows system universally or to the Current User.

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