MPMP v1.4D

MPMP v 1.4D is a modification for Star Trek Bridge Commander...

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MPMP v1.4D

MPMP v 1.4D is a modification for Star Trek Bridge Commander that adds the most ships in any modification so far, there are even ships from the Klingon Academy, and the Original Series. Star Trek: Bridge Commander v1.1 Patch is required to be able to use this mod.

There are ships from the movie Wrath of Khan and the scenario from the movie, with the space station and the nebula.

There are also Federation Battle ships equipped with temporal weapons and other technologies, there are just too many to list.

To install the MPMP v1.4D modification you must have a fresh install of Star Trek Bridge Commander with the official update installed as well, I recommend that you make a copy of your Bridge Commander folder with the Official update installed in it to anther location so that if you want to run other mods such as the original 1.1 the you can just copy it to your Activision folder and then rename 1 of your other mod folders to mpmp14dBridge Commander so you can switch back and forth as you want

(This single file I have created with winRAR 3.20 for easy installation for newbie's, I have tested this file and it works just fine, if you cannot connect to a server then the server did not install the modification itself correctly, if you do not trust .EXE files then download this file anyway and rename the file extension to .rar then download winRAR 3.20 and extract mp14dfull.rar to your Bridge Commander folder and you are set. NOTE: mp14dfull.rar was compressed using DELTA compression technology so you will need winRAR 3.20 or later if you want to extract this file using winRAR.)

This is a singe file download of 63 MB and a final version for this game play, you will not need to download any patches or any other files for this modification in the future.

Star Trek: Bridge Commander v1.1 Patch

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