Bridge Commander Selector (v.

This modification for the Bridge Commander...

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Bridge Commander Selector (v.

This modification for the Bridge Commander


allows you to easily select different ships and bridges.

****************** Introduction ******************

This program does just the same as the original batch files. But those batch files won't run properly on Windows XP. For that case, I made a WIN32 application that can do the MOD exactly the same as the batch files do.

If you don't use Windows XP, there is no need to use this program instead of the batch files.


****************** ATTENTION ******************

Don't forget to run the file 1ST-BACKUP.BAT to backup your files. If you do not do this, you'll corrupt your Bridge Commander files.


****************** Note ******************

This feature is NOT supported! Use it at your OWN risk!


****************** Extra ******************

I made this program in Visual Basic 6. And I've found a manifest that let you add Windows XP Themed Controls. Very nice, but it gives an error everytime you close the program. Additionally, some yellow texts in the about window were displayed blue, for some reason I don't know. To fix the first problem, you have to set the compatible mode of the program to Windows 98/ME and it will works fine. The second problem cannot be fixed, unfortunately.

Therefor, I've choosen to exclude this option in the program. All XP users will see the standard controls.

If you still want those themed controls, you can add them by a little fix. Just rename the file REM.THIS.BCSelectorXP.exe.MANIFEST to BCSelectorXP.exe.MANIFEST and you will see the XP Themed Controls but you'll have the errors too, it's just what you want.

If the program won't run at all, you probably need to install the Visual Basic Runtimes. You can get them at:


****************** Finally ******************

I hope you'll enjoy this program. Thanks to Smash for the original concept.

Peter Riet

E-mail: [email protected]


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