A tool for Quake 3 players who use mIRC that can tell people...


A tool for Quake 3 players who use mIRC that can tell people in IRC what server you are playing on (while you play). Also allows you to get Quake 3 server stats and connect to servers from mIRC.

Q3Post is an mIRC script that lets you:

- Automatically post in mIRC a server's IP address and description, whenever you connect to a Quake 3 Arena server, while you play.

- Quickly get the stats from, or connect to, Quake 3 Arena servers in a customizable favorites list, all from mIRC.

- Automatically respond to questions in IRC while you are playing that contain your nickname, or other keywords you can set. The response will let the person know what server you last connected to. These responses turn on when you connect to a new server, and off when you say something in mIRC, or you can control them through Q3Post's menu.

- Choose which IRC channels it will post messages in, and which types of messages will be posted.

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