Q3A IP Launcher

A quick, easy little program that will connect you to a...

Q3A IP Launcher

A quick, easy little program that will connect you to a server by entering the ip and hitting join game.


version 1.0.0


Author: Scott Wilson aka [DHS]Psychosis

Email: [email protected]


Install notes:

Make sure to install this into the same folder that your quake3.exe is loacated or

it will not work. Default is C:\Program Files\Quake III Arena.


Just run the program, type in the ip of the server like this example: . If the server is using a port other than the default, which is 27960,

then type the ip + the port in the box like this: . Then hit Join

Game and wait for Quake3 Arena to connect. The program will also remember the last ip#

that was typed in.

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