Max Payne 1 - Enemy Kung Fu Mod 1.0

Enemy Kung Fu Mod 1.0...

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  • Size 21.8 MB
  • Program by Ghasp

Max Payne 1 - Enemy Kung Fu Mod 1.0

Enemy Kung Fu Mod 1.0

This mod gives some of the enemies the ability to fight kung fu,

but only in one level, namly the chateau level.

The enemies in this level is VERY good at doing kung fu moves,

so it is a very hard level to beat, but if you quiksave a lot you will be eventually finish the level.

I have removed the skill system from the Kung Fu engine to make it easier to beat.

In the next version (perhaps) there will be kung fu enemies in the normal Max Payne levels also

and they will have the ability to dodge some of your kicks.

Send me a E-mail if you would like to see a new version of the mod. And for suggestions for the next version. ([email protected])

Special Thanks: GlorfinderIV



Enemy Kung Fu Mod 1.0 is made by Ghasp


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