Max Payne Kung Fu Edition Version 2.0

This is a great modification for the hit action title, Max...

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Max Payne Kung Fu Edition Version 2.0

This is a great modification for the hit action title, Max Payne. This literally gives Max the ability to kick some major butt using hardcore Kung Fu skills.


Max Payne: Kung Fu Edition Version 2.0 - December 21, 2001

by Kenneth Yeung

[email protected]


Kung Fu and Triad Baretta Skin by Ralph 'ritual' Rademakers

.: [email protected] :: :.



Max Payne now has some serious kung fu and acrobatic abilities. And the badguys have learned a little too. This is just Max Payne as you remembered it, with these added skills.


- An experimental hand-to-hand kung fu combat system.

- Kung fu style dodging.

- "Drunken style" shootdodging.

- Wall jumping/Wall Running

- Enemy kung gu fighting.

- Kung fu action camera (much improved since v1.0+).

- New player model.

- Minor weapon sound adjustments and muzzle effects.

- More decals.

- BNZ's Level Selector (contact BNZ at [email protected])

- Sniper bullet can now cut through an entire line of enemies.

Installation and Usage:

- Unzip the KungFu_20.mpm file into your Max Payne directory (the directory that contains the MaxPayne.exe).

- Run Max Payne, and in the startup window goto "Choose Customized Games" and select KungFu_20 in the drop-down box.

Kung Fu Dodging:

The kung fu dodges replace Max's standard dodging moves. To execute them, simply press the "jump" button while running. Depending on the direction you're traveling, you will perform different moves:

forward + jump = front flip

forward/right + jump = front flip

forward/left + jump = front flip

right + jump = butterfly twist

left + jump = 540 inside crescent kick

back/right + jump = outside crescent flip

back/left + jump = aerial

back + jump = back flip

Also, Max will use "drunken style" shootdodging with single-handed weapons only.

Kung Fu Fighting:

In order to use the kung fu techniques you must first select "Kung Fu Mode" from the weapons menu. Max has the Kung Fu Mode available by default (or you can get it by typing in "getkungfu" from the console) and it is located directly above the lead pipe weapon. While in Kung Fu Mode, Max has a wide array of kung fu attacks:

hold down the attack button = continuous left and right punches

then release the attack button = super back fist

or press reload = roundhouse/ back kick combo

forward + shootdodge = flying side kick

forward/right + shootdodge = spin kick/sweep kick combo

forward/left + shootdodge = crescent kick/hook kick combo

tap the crouch button = bicycle kick

Wall Jumping/Wall Running:

Max now has the acrobatic capability of running along walls and doing backflips off of walls. To do a wall run, do a forward diagonal front flip into a wall. If you hit the wall right at the apex of your jump, Max will automatically run along that wall for a few steps before flipping off. The more horizontal momentum you have before you hit the wall, the farther Max will be able to run along that wall. To do a wall jump, you must do a straight front flip towards a wall, and if you touch the wall at the apex of your jump, Max will automatically launch himself backwards off of the wall into a backflip. You can also flip off of cars, polls, and even other people (if you're that good).

Known Bugs/Problems:

- Sometimes, during a kung fu dodge, the game speed may not speed up to normal speed. This will correct itself once you do another kung fu dodge.

- This mod is NOT compatable with old save games (including from v0.9 and v1.0+). For this reason, I've included the level selector.

- Sometimes you might get stuck in an animation for a brief moment - doesn't really affect gameplay, just looks a little funny and is a little annoying. However, this can happen during a wall run, and that looks REALLY funny.

- The freezing bug from v0.9 is pretty much fixed (I hope?).

- The depleting ammo bug from v1.0+ is fixed.

NOTE: if you do not have the "Kung Fu Mode" available, just do a wall jump/wall run and Max will magically get "Kung Fu Mode".

Author's Notes:

Ok, so I'm calling this v2.0 but I am still a long way from finishing the stick fighting (which I still have no idea why everyone is so excited about), and the next version will involve a major overhaul in the coding which will allow me to do much cooler things with the kung fu ;) It should be cool. In this version, there has been pretty much no change in the kung fu, but I've added lots and lots of other cool features. All of the new features were just experiments in different aspects that I never really tried to code before, and they all turned out way cooler than I expected. The drunken shootdodging way made because I was just fooling around with changing the shootdodging (which I've never tried before) and it turned out to be sooo much fun :) Also, I just recently figured out how to make my own custom camera paths in 3d Studio (which I've never known how to do before) so I way able to really fix up the camera affects and add a bit more to them. The enemy kung fu fighting was something that many people were suggesting and I really had no clue how to do it. But after lots of digging and improvising, I came up with ways of making them use kung fu that was decent (not very great or complex, but decent). And then there was the wall running. For the longest time, I would have bet a thousand bucks that it couldn't be done. But one day, I was just checking out some my (crappy) gun kicking code, and I realized maybe I could use the same kind of idea to get some sort of wall jumping in. It was a huge long shot and I thought it definately wouldn't work, but after some more serious thinking and ingenuity, it actually worked!! It still required lots of tweeking, but the underlying method actually worked like I wanted!! Then from there, it was only a few more steps to get wall running in. I still can't believe this thing actually works, and it actually is more fun then I thought and pretty useful too. However, the wall jump/wall running contain the majority of the bugs, but it's in its early stages anyways :)

And ya, it kinda sucked that I had exams right now too, because I'm the worst procrastinator and this gave me LOTS of opportunity to procrastinate. Fortunately, I tend to get cool things accomplished during my procrastination periods :) I just hope my school marks turn out to be as "cool" as this has mod has ;)

For questions/comments/suggestions, feel free to leave a message in the forum for the website:

If you would like to use any part of this mod, you can contact me if you'd like, or you can get just make sure to include me in your credits. Oh ya, and make sure you're not doing anything illegal/immoral with this mod either. And I am not responsible for any bodily injuries caused by sudden urges to do flying sidekicks out of windows or backflips off of exploding cars etc. So have fun!! :)

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