Age of Wonders v1.2

Upgrades the game to version 1.2, putting in a ton of fixes...

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  • Size 4.9 MB
  • Program by GOD Games

Age of Wonders v1.2

Upgrades the game to version 1.2, putting in a ton of fixes and enhancements. See "more info" for a full list.


7) What's New in Version 1.2




- AI in both World and Tactical modes has been enhanced

- World and Tactical Combat AIs sometimes produced AI errors

- Fast Combat and Tactical Combat AIs now protect Heroes and Leaders better

- Tactical Combat AI sometimes mis-targetted spells

- World AI sometimes took structures that were being rebuilt from players

the AI was at peace with

- World AI is more likely to make alliances with players it is at Peace with

- Lord AI Heroes now get +3 EXP/day, instead of the previous +5 EXP/day


- On some machines, the game produced desktop redraw problems on exiting

- Having Detail Level set to LOW, with sound/music ON, caused the Fast Combat

and Unit Windows to lock up

- Fire attacks did not set units on fire

- Pressing F11 or F12 caused error messages

- Various text errors have been corrected


- Heroes' skill points were not transferred between scenarios

- Spells being cast were not cancelled when a scenario ended

- Temporary abilities were not cancelled when a scenario ended

- When a Hero gained a Level in the last fight of a scenario, they never got an

Upgrade Dialog


- Builders could not build roads

- Leaders that began scenarios with items sometimes had problems with those items

- Underground, Holy Woods / Unholy Woods / Poison Plants were impassible

- Summoned creatures sometimes deserted if the player ran out of gold

- Warmonger didn't give new units their rank-abilities

- Animated Heroes could be Animated again

- Items that gave Protection and/or Immunity abilities didn't work properly

- Water Nodes could not be entered when Freeze Water was cast on them

- Allies could sometimes attack each other if they collided while moving to a

different target

- Units on razed towns that had walls could not be attacked without wallcrushing

or wall-passing units

- Buying and researching the same spell resulted in multiple copies in the


- Having multiple Heroes in the same party could cause numerous glitches

- Reloading the current game displayed the Save Game requester

- When playing without Leaders on the Map, players still received Mana from

their Leaders

- Research book popped up even when there were no spells to research

- Keyboard shortcuts for Load / Save didn't work

- In the Realm Window, on the Hero page, the scrollbar didn't scroll all columns

Tactical Combat:

- Entering an Exploration Site when the party could not harm the defenders

caused the party to disappear from the map

- Breath sometimes missed a hex in it's area of effect

- Player's spell ranges were all 1 hex too short

- Multiple-unit movement (rectangle select) sometimes produced odd results

- Sometimes Bridge combats had no Flee hexes

- Having a ranged-path active when surrendering crashed

- Dispel Magic could not destroy summoned creatures


- Having Settings->Gameplay->Combat set differently on different systems caused

multi-player games to crash

- IPX, TCP, and Heat multiplayer games are now more stable

- Playing 2 PBEM games in one session crashed

- in PBEM, losing during the Independents movement caused the game to not send to

the next player


- Placing an item bag sometimes crashed

- Teleporters could not be set to Razed

- In lower resolutions, the Unit Window wasn't always visible

- Not all Heroes were shown in the Unit Window

- Some tooltips were missing


- Cursed now inflicts -2 DEF and -2 RES

- Spellcasters can now initiate combat with flying units

- Extra Strike now only works when attacking

- Gold medal rank now gives units +1 RES

- In Tactical Combat, Flying units no longer get free strikes on ground-based

units that move away from them

- Nature Elemental now has Entangle Strike and Healing, and loses Entangle

- Highman Heroes/Leaders now have have True Vision

- Reaper now has 5 DEF and 6 DAM instead of the previous 4 DEF and 5 DAM

- Executioner now has 4 DAM instead of the previous 3 DAM

- Elephant now has 3 DAM instead of the previous 4 DAM

- Big Beetle now has Nightvision

- Basilisk now costs 202 gold instead of the previous 243 gold

- Green Wyvern now costs 98 gold instead of the previous 130 gold

- In Global Mode, machines can no longer be healed

- In Tactical Combat, walls are now slightly stronger

- In Tactical Combat, Wallcrushing ability is now stronger

- In Tactical Combat, when the attacked hex of a city is empty and the city has

defenders in another hex, the defenders are moved into the attacked hex

- Incarnate now gains EXP

- Various maps tweaked for better gameplay


- 2 additional AI levels have been added, King and Emperor

- In multiplayer games, when player(s) are missing the chosen scenario, the game

will automatically transfer the scenario to them

- IPX, TCP, and Heat multiplayer games are now much faster

- Message Events added to the Editor

- Entangle Strike ability added

- Hex Grid Display added (F5 toggles it On/Off)

- Next / Previous City buttons added to the City Screen

- Popup Menu of Ability descriptions available in the City Screen

- Tooltips for Relation-status added to faces in the Relations Screen

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