Age of Wonders v1.1

This major patch for Age of Wonders addresses quite a few...

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Age of Wonders v1.1

This major patch for Age of Wonders addresses quite a few problems, as well as adds lots of new features. Check out "more info" for a list.



- AI in both World and Tactical modes has been enhanced

- World AI sometimes produced "AI Exception" errors

- World AI sometimes refused to end it's turn

- World AI sometimes attacked allied players


- On some systems, the game ran significantly slower than it should

- Sometimes the game would slow down for no apparent reason

- Sometimes the game would not exit to Windows properly

- Sometimes sounds would not play properly, producing "clicks"

- Resolution-Switching sometimes crashed or redrew incorrectly

- Ice Storm was in the Air Sphere instead of the Water Sphere

- Losing a Campaign scenario and replaying it could give the player extra Magic


- In the Unit Window, selecting an ability, and sorting the ability list didn't

remove the "Use Ability" button

- In the File Dialog, sorting on filename didn't always sort correctly

- In the Campaign Leader-Selection Dialog, the buttons sometimes redrew


- In the Campaign Transfer Dialog, Unit's medals did not display on the

rightmost page


- Movement involving multiple caves and/or teleportes sometimes caused the game

to lockup

- Death Mastery sometimes crashed

- Merging a boat carrying units with a flying party caused the units in the boat

to drown

- Leaders could disappear from the map if their Morale dropped too low

- Path of Frost would disappear under the unit causing it, if it didn't move for

2 turns

- A previously killed Hero sometimes reappeared later in the same scenario or


- Upgrading a city would cause it's production queue to rearrange

- Migration wasn't cancelled after taking over a city

- In Classic-Turns, Diplomatic messages sometimes popped-up during other player's


- Building a Watchtower or Shipyard did not always cause them to work properly

- Teleporters on the Surface could be razed with only one unit

- Walled 4-hex cities could not be entered to enable WarMode

- Rebuilding a Mine or Node caused their income to become available before they

were finished being rebuilt

- Ground units could force Tactical Combat with flying units

- Items with Movement Abilities (Free Movement, etc) did not give their abilities

to their owner

- Exploration Sites could be selected when not in visual range

Tactical Combat:

- When a unit was incapacitated (Frozen, etc) during a Free-Strike, it continued

to move

- If a player fled with a transporter carrying unit(s), TC would never end

- Floating units could move over obstacles and walls

- Recall Spirit and Animate Dead charged much more mana than they should have

- Movement Paths treated the last step of a Melee or Touch path as if it were

subject to Free-Strikes

- Stunned was sometimes removed too soon


- In Classic-Turns, entering combat locked the game up

- In Simultaneous-Turns, when one player ended their turn as another started a

Tactical Combat, the game never allowed the first player to end their turn

- In Hotseat games, when attacked by the AI, players were forced to fight using

Automatic Combat

- In TCP (Internet) and IPX (LAN) games, in the Scenario Setup screen, Ping times

didn't display properly

- In PBEM games, when fighting Independent parties, players were forced to fight

using Automatic Combat


- When changing the AI's Behavior, it would reset to the default

- Cutting and Pasting of Random Items would cause the Editor to crash


- All Combat Spells have been given +1 ATT

- The following spells have been given an -additional- +1 ATT: Call Flames,

Death Ray, Flaming Arrow, Slow, Solar Flare, Vaporize

- Race Relations now go back to their default at a rate of +1/-1 per turn

instead of the previous +2/-2

- Walls now protect defenders better

- Flamethrower now has ATT 4, DAM 3, instead of the previous ATT 1, DAM 1

- Summoned Units can not be transferred between campaign scenarios

- Leaders can no longer be given First Strike

- Life Stealing now takes a maximum of 1 HP per strike, only when attacking

- Great Hail now strikes 21 times (3 per hex), instead of 35 times (5 per hex)

- Winds of Fury now has a +2 ATT bonus when used on Flying units

- Units no longer block Breath attacks

- Animated units no longer give EXP when killed

- Dwarven Berzerker now has Cave Crawling

- Ring of Free Movement no longer gives its owner Swimming

- Valley of Wonders campaign scenario tweaked for better gameplay

- Trade Route campaign scenario tweaked for better gameplay

- Rise of the South custom scenario now has Wizard's Towers with spells for sale


- The game now runs faster

- AI is now much faster, especially on large/complicated scenarios

- Rectangle-Select has been added to the game, for more easily selecting groups

of parties/units

- In Multi-Player (Simultaneous-Turns), a Host-controlled option has been added

to the Scenario Setup screen, for enabling/disabling the viewing of other

player's Tactical Combats that are outside your visual range

- Relations Window now displays a Leader's Race when selected

- Sound Dialog now allows double-clicks to add songs to the playlist and to play

a song

- Turtle Units now have corpse graphics

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