Quake III: Arena - Psychomantis4000 Skins Pack


  • Category First Person
  • Size 1.4 MB
  • Program by Psychomantis4000 (Ryan Morris)

Quake III: Arena - Psychomantis4000 Skins Pack

Well... What can I say? I must admit, I have been modding Quake for a LONG time but now I've decided to share some of my work with the world...

I usually do HTML/Graphics but I've been getting into maddong games lately and this was the game I learnt it all on.

Anyway, this pack contains several of my skins (Mainly Klesk skins.) but these are VERY cool and I highly recommend dowloading this file because theses skins are one-of-a-kinds!




ANARKI/HOTSHOT: This one is a simple mod on the original skins. I gave him shoulder pads, fixed up his skin, gave him a faceplate w/ lava flowing through and made his hoverboard actually metallic/seem on fire. Looks standard but still good.

BONES/DARKBONE: This is a work in progress. I replaced Bones' normal face with a terminator style one, made him dark gray, then mad ehim chrome. His eyes also glow red.

BONES/MAGMUS: This one was a simple attempt to make him look like

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