Marvel Skinpak II

My second marvel skinpak for q3a...

Marvel Skinpak II

My second marvel skinpak for q3a.

Included are Sabretooth, Warmachine, Rogue, Bishop and the Kingpin.


Collected within are my second attempts at q3a skinning. None of them are totally original so once again props go out to all the id guys.

Included are:

Warmachine -ironman's ally made using the keel model

Bishop -"the last x-man" using sarge

Kingpin -the x-tra large nemesis to dardevil and spidey, using the biker model

Rogue -the xmen's southern belle courtesy of mynx

Sabretooth -this homicidal maniac is broght to you by grunt

I could say "u must get permission to alter these skins etc" but then i'd be a hypocrite wouldn't i?

check out for more funky shit.

All skins by Snafu

[email protected]

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