HLC Half-Life Logo Creator

This is a cool logo creator for in-game logos for Half-Life...

HLC Half-Life Logo Creator

This is a cool logo creator for in-game logos for Half-Life. Please read the install instructions or more info for further details.


Since I got so many questions, here is the OFFICIAL HLC MANUAL!


Steps to create a logo:

-Start HLC.exe

-Browse to a folder with your BMP in it

-select the bmp and press the 'load bitmap' button

-select a valid size (that means the total pixels ammount must turn green...

total pixels may not exceed 12288)

-press the 'resize' button

-press the 'locate halflife' button and browse to the HL dir with hl.exe in it

-press 'ok'

-select AT LEAST ONE of the following options:


=Team Fortress Classic

=Save it to C:\ (Your logo will be saved to c:\my halflife HLC color logo)

-Press the 'make WAD' button


When HLC is NOT working for you, please check the following:

-Have you resized the image to a valid size? In some rare occasions HLC does not warn you about

the image size.

-Do you use windows 2000? HLC is NOT DESIGNED FOR USE WITH Windows 2000, although it should work,

sometimes it doesn't.....

-Do you have the latest drivers for your videocard? Sometimes when using HL with direct3d, no logos

appear... even not the standard ones, this has to do with the polygon offset. When you hear the

'spray noise' but don't see a logo, try gl_polyoffset 20 in the console. If this does not work, try

gl_polyoffset 0. When nothing works, its time to buy a new card ;-)

This problem is caused by video card drivers, DO NOT CONTACT ME ABOUT THIS, I CANNOT HELP THIS!

-When you spray your logo in HL, and only the HL logo appears, wait a few rounds as it takes time to

load your logo to the server and for the other players to download it from the server, after a few

rounds it should be okay.

-When I try to select my new created color logo from the customize menu in HL, my new logo is not there... THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!! DO NOT GO TO THE CUSTOMIZE MENU TO SELECT YOUR LOGO! This

will overwrite your custom logo and you have to make one again! Just play HL and you can use your


-I Have read the above, and HLC should work on my pc, but is doesn't!

You can contact me, [CFS]Robster @ ICQ# 12478464. Your first message should be 'HLC BUG'. I will

add you to my list, and come back to you when I have time. I have to do this this way because of

the mass of HLC users that have added me to their lists and overload me with questions like

'What kind of filter should I use?' or 'What's the best resize method?'. As you probably understand

this kind of people is driveing me crazy, so EXPIRIMENT! These questions will NOT be answered, not

because I am rude or something, but because I am 16 years old and wan't to do something else than spending the rest of my life answering these questions! ONLY MESSAGES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH (POSSIBLE)BUGS WILL BE ANSWERED! If you just want to talk to me, have suggestions for hlc, want to be informed for HLC updates, or if you are a good programmer who wants to help, you can contact me, but please send a message saying that you wan't to be added to the HLC List, this way I can organize my ICQ list and help people with bugs or problems.


HLC Programmer


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