Half-Life <--> Quake3 .MAP converter

A small utility for mappers to convert .map output from...

Half-Life <--> Quake3 .MAP converter

A small utility for mappers to convert .map output from worldcraft 3.3 to quake3 format, and back.



Half-Life <--> Quake3 .MAP convertor v1.0


Well, i wrote thsi converter for the sole purpose of allowing a person familiar with worldcraft to do the bulk of structural mapping in worldcraft 3.3 instead of q3radiant or gtk radiant if they wish to.

it will convert between quake3 .MAP and WorldCraft 3.3 exported .MAP formatted files. some things dont convert completely (some entities just copy keys directly, without changing their format), so its best to only use this for structural conversion, NOT entities.

maps convert using standard sizes and a default texture that exists in the half-life.wad, for quake3 -> hl conversion, and a texture in base_wall for hl -> quake3 conversion.

this is still beta, i am not 100% satisfied with it yet, so if it doesnt work all the time, i apologize. please report any bugs to me (omega) in one of the fashions listed below, or in the about box inside the program.


Blackened Interactive


E-Mail: [email protected]

IRC: channel #blackened-interactive

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