Ranju is a easy to learn board game for your palm...


Ranju is a easy to learn board game for your palm.

Renju for the Pilot

by Jan Gabrielsson ([email protected])

Renju is the 5 in a row game, also known as Gomoku

and is played on an 18x18 grid.

It is 100% freeware.

Beware! It's my first Pilot application so I take no

responsibility in any loss of data or failures.

Writing this game was an independent project and is in no way

connected to my employer.

This is version 1.4

- Now marks winning 5.

- Added hint-button.

Version 1.3

- Added two player mode (on the same Pilot, I'm looking into

how difficult it would be to support two player through IR).

Version 1.2

- Improved gui

- Bugfixes (may behave better under tight memory conditions).

Version 1.1

- Improved gui

Version 1.0

- First release


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