Connect 4

The goal of the game for either player is to get 4 discs in...

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Connect 4

The goal of the game for either player is to get 4 discs in a row vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.

Connect 4 v1.3b

Copyright(c) 1999, Sven Boden

All Rights Reserved

Thank you for trying Connect 4 v1.3b for the Palm Pilot. The latest version

of this game can be found at and any of the larger palm

pilot archives.

1. Installation

As with all software installations, you should back up your Palm Pilot before

installing new software. You are responsible for assuring that your pilot has

been properly backed up before installation. Ensure you have enough free memory

before attempting to install the program. Delete any previous versions of the

program before installing this release. Use the standard Pilot installer to

install the .prc to your Pilot.

2. Game play

Connect 4 is the well known game of "Four in a row". The goal of the game for

either player is to get 4 discs in a row vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.

You can either play against another person or against the computer. The

computer player has 4 levels of difficulty.

The menu options that are available:



Shows a dialog that can be used to start a new game.

You can choose the player mode: Player 1 vs Player 2, You vs Pilot,

and Pilot vs You.

Further on you can choose the tournament mode. If this mode is on

the player that looses may begin the next move, else the new game

starts as specified in the player mode.

Last move

Shows the last played move. This feature is handy if you had to

stop playing and want to continue or when you're in 2 player mode.


Shows statistics on the current streak of games. Who has won, lost

how many games.



The mandatory about screen

The level at which the computer plays is set in the upper right corner of

your screen and this can be changed at any time during a game.

3. Registration


This program is shareware. You will notice this fact whenever you start a

new game or exit Connect 4. In the non-registered version this takes 10

seconds, in the registered version it is done instantly.

In the unregistered version you will only have access to level 1 of

the computer player.

Registration can be done by contacting PilotGear H.Q. at

When you have registered with pilotgear your email address and id

information will be mailed to me. I will mail you the registration info for

the MS-DOS registration program.

Allow 4 days for delivery of the key. Normally you should receive it within

48 hours, depending on the speed of processing.

You should note your registration key, as it will be required should

you wish to take advantage of future releases of the application, or if

your Pilot batteries fail.

4. Support


Support for either an unregistered version or a registered

version of this product is neither offered, nor implied

in any way. However, we will do our best to answer any questions.

You are encouraged to email any problems and/or bugs to

[email protected] where registered users will be given

resolution priority.

5. Disclaimer


Users of either Connect 4 must accept this disclaimer of warranty:

'Connect 4 v1.3b' is supplied as is. The author disclaim all

warranties, expressed or implied, including, without limitation,

the warranties of merchantability and of fitness for any purpose.

The author assume no liability for loss of data, damage, direct

or consequential, which may result from the use of "Connect 4 v1.3b".

6. History


v1.3b 31/05/1999: Made a change in the playing parameters on level 4,

in the previous version under some conditions the

game would seem to lock up (>1 min wait times for a

relative simple move).

Added a few suggestions of other shareware authors.

v1.3a 26/05/1999: Only changes in the shareware version not in the

registered one (on request of some people):

- The level cannot be changed anymore, previously it could,

but it did not have any effect. The unregistered version

has 1 level, the registered version has 4.

- The nagging delays were reduced 10 seconds. I don't use

nagging screens to thwart hackers ;-)

- Excessive penstrokes that are entered while waiting are


v1.3 01/05/1999: - Removed levels 1 and 2 for being too stupid.

- Increased the speed and depth of the AI-player.

- Public Release.

v1.2 22/04/1999: - Some more optimalizations in the algorithm to make

the AI player faster.

v1.1 19/04/1999: - Changed the way statistics are reset. Now they only are

reset automatically between 1 and 2 player game mode.

- Changed some coefficients in the AI player to let it

react "better" to human opponents.

- Changed the switching of opponents. If you break off the

game in tournament mode, the other player may begin.

v1.0 01/04/1999: Finalized Connect 4. Released a version of Connect 4 to

10 a 15 people for testing.

7. Future


I did not implement every feature that I thought of. What follows is a list of

not yet implemented features. Write me a mail to vote for the ones that

you think should be incorporated in a next version or if you have other

ideas for future features:

* IR playing: I never felt the urge to play Connect 4 via infrared so far.

* Sound Effects: Personally I never use these for board games, but hey who am I.

* Animation: See the discs falling down from above.

* Interruption: Be able to interrupt the computer player at all times. This was

not implemented yet since the computer player does not think too long.

Implementing it would make the thinking a little slower and some way of

interrupting the game would have to be devised: some sort of suspend/resume

command via the menu's.

* Undo ability: This is implemented in the game (because of the algorithm for

the computer player), but it is not visible to the user. I found it unfair

towards the pilot. He can't undo your moves, can he?

* Computer help: Easy to implement. This would include exchanging sides, calling

the computer player algorithm and visualizing the outcome. I didn't think help

was required on a Connect 4 game.

8. Contacts


e-mail: [email protected]

Copyright(c) 1999, Sven Boden

All Rights Reserved

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