Safety Kids

Synopsis: Safety Kids - Coin Game is one of four Public...

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  • Program by XLT & Chanticleer Films

Safety Kids

Synopsis: Safety Kids - Coin Game is one of four Public Service Announcement (PSA) created for the Los Angeles MT A designed to inform and educate young children about the dangers associated with playing around train tracks. Safety Kids - Coin Game is a collaboration between XL T and Academy Award winning Chanticleer Films.

Safety Kids is performed and rendered in Terawatt - a real-time 3D game engine. The Terawatt game engine provides a robust set of tools for scene creation, animation, lighting, cameras, and performance scripting. The engine was used to deliver numerous released games including the Ultimate Ride Coaster game series.

All assets, characters and environments used in the PSA were modeled, textured and animated in Maya, while the final shots including scene lighting, cameras and performances were completed in Terawatt. Once shots were completed they were rendered in real-time using the game engine to digital beta resolution.

Nominations: Best Visual Design, Comme

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