Synopsis: An Unreal Tournament 2003 movie...

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  • Size 75.5 MB
  • Program by James Hamer-Morton


Synopsis: An Unreal Tournament 2003 movie.

Quite simply, a 2 minute short set in the world of UT2003. A lone recon soldier is forced into attacking a base head on.

Created entirely with UnrealEd, specifically using Matinee, there have been a lot of problems with the movie that have required faking things. Shooting rockets wasn't actually the characters shooting, but rockets spawning at their guns while I set them playing the firing animation. At one point in creation, not a day ago, our main lead was dying every time because the character chasing him would be too accurate with the rockets.

The movie was created in just under a month, including the map and writing.

Nominations: Best Technical Achievement

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