Privacy software to collect, encrypt, hide, organize, show...

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Privacy software to collect, encrypt, hide, organize, show and archive pictures.

PixxxSafe secures your images using state of the art encryption. Password-protect and encrypt your image library! PixxxSafe is available for Windows® and Mac OS X users.


* Access to the PixxxSafe image library is protected by a User Name / Password combination.

* Your password itself is not saved.

* Your privacy matters; PixxxSafe gathers nor retains any personal information.

* Picture Series files (.pxs) can contain many encrypted pictures.

* All images and information within a .pxs file is encrypted using 256 bit AES encryption.

* PixxxSafe can import the following file formats: .bmp, .jpg, .pic, .png, .tif and any of the file formats that are supported by QuickTime: .gif, .psd, .targa, .psd, .sgi, etc.

* Picture Series files make better use of your disk space:

- All images are JPEG compressed.

- All images are contained in a single file, avoiding redundant disk space.

* Picture Series files are compatible for Windows® and MacOS X.

* Picture Series can be grouped in Categories.

* Pictures in a series can be reordered.

* Pictures can be annotated: title, model, subtitles, etc.

* Pictures can be rated.

* Pictures can have a Zoom Focus point.

* Pictures can have a Slide Show Timer setting.

* Picture Series files can be sequenced in a slide show.

* The slide show options allow you to display every picture's title, subtitle and other annotations.

* The slide show options allow you to zoom into every picture's zoom focus point.

* The slide show options allow you to exactly time your slide show.

* Picture Series (.pxs) files can be exported for archiving or sharing purposes.

* The export options allow you to optimize the .pxs files for archiving on CD-Rom or distribution on the web: e-mail, ftp, P2P.

* Picture Series files can be protected by any password you choose.

* Picture Series can contain a banner image and URL.

* PixxxSafe fully supports drag and drop functionality.

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