NetMarks Manager

NetMarks lets you store and easily manage thousands of web...

NetMarks Manager

NetMarks lets you store and easily manage thousands of web bookmarks. NetMarks Manager integrates with Internet Explorer and Firefox, and supports other browsers. Take notes about a bookmark, use the powerful search engine, preview sites, highlight favorites, view as web pages, synchronize with websites, import/export, manage duplicates and much more. NetMarks is an easy-to-use tool for anyone from the home web surfer to professionals.

With NetMarks Manager you can store and easily manage thousands of bookmarks. Full integration with Internet Explorer and Firefox lets you create and access bookmarks directly from a toolbar button or menu option, while you are browsing the web. Use the powerful search engine to locate bookmarks rapidly, take notes about a bookmark and store keywords, preview sites and highlight your favorite bookmarks.

NetMarks Manager is an easy-to-use and powerful tool for anyone from the home web surfer to professional web users. The many features include:

- Get and store bookmarks from any open browser window, and optionally Windows Explorer windows

- Manage duplicate bookmarks, and check for duplicates when saving a new bookmark

- Support for multiple bookmark databases

- Minimize to the system tray with instant mouse access to favorites or recently accessed bookmarks

- Synchronize with one or multiple websites

- Full integration with Firefox and Internet Explorer, providing toolbar and menu access directly to NetMarks Manager

- Detect and load bookmarks from Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape and Opera

- Choose which web browser you would like Netmarks Manager to use

- View your bookmark collection as web pages

- Import and export using a number of formats including IE favorites, Firefox bookmarks, CSV and web pages

- A variety of powerful and useful user options

- E-mail bookmarks or the entire collection using a number of formats

- Support for bookmarks of PDF documents

- Clean and user-friendly user interface

- Load web icons and webpage thumbnails

- Recently opened bookmarks are highlighted

- Comprehensive help with tips

- View and keep track of your most popular bookmarks

- Bookmark details displayed such as name, address, details, keywords time last accessed and web page size

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