Secure CommNet 2.2

Secure connection to remote computers - via secure shell...

Secure CommNet 2.2

Secure connection to remote computers - via secure shell (SSH2), Internet Telnet or modem dial-up. Free 30-day trial download for 32-bit Windows systems.

Secure CommNet is a secure 32-bit Windows application that seamlessly integrates modem dial-up, Internet Telnet and SSH2 capabilities. Secure CommNet supports high performance Zmodem file transfers with dial-up, Telnet and SSH2; and Ymodem-G with dial-up sessions. For SSH2 connections, Secure CommNet offers TCP/IP port forwarding and supports the following encryption algorithms: AES256, Twofish, Blowfish, Triple-DES, Arcfour and Cast-128. A unique Telnet Host Mode Server allows other Telnet clients to connect to the user's system for chat and file transfer operations. Secure CommNet offers a built-in Phonebook, scripting, and command-line options.

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