CSMC Remote Map Installer v2.33

CSMC Remote Map Installer allows the user to login to...

CSMC Remote Map Installer v2.33

CSMC Remote Map Installer allows the user to login to CSMapCentral.com, browse the CS map database, and easily download/install the map(s) of their choosing.

CSMC Remote Map Installer Version 2.33 has been released, and now supports Server Map Lists!

This new feature has been in the works for awhile, and once a web interface has been created for Sever admins, they will be able to easily submit their list of maps to CSMC, and have it automatically available via the installer.

CSMapCentral.com feels this feature will help any server admin run the custom maps players want to play.

Currently, only the War Cry Mind Games server maplist is available.

The CSMC Installer v2.33 previously featured:

Auto-update (checks for a new version of the installer)

Auto-login (remembers your login information)

Doesn't list maps that you already have (at your choice)

The GameTiger game launcher packaged with it

Changed/upgraded since v2.0:

Supports Server Map Lists

Search for Maps option

A more secure login

Bugfix for login error

Bugfix for Auto-update process

List All option removed (database has grown too much, List All could possibly result in lockups in older machines)

CSMapCentral Remote Map Installer UPDATED TO 2.3 IT'S FREE, GRAB IT NOW!

Please Note: Free Registration at http://www.csmapcentral.com is required to use the installer.

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