CsWAD v1.2[English]

Create your own spraylogos, manage logo lists and change...

CsWAD v1.2[English]

Create your own spraylogos, manage logo lists and change your logo while playing!

New version! [email protected]'s CsWAD v1.2 for HL (english)

Download german version from http://www.csgui.de

...spray a different one!



With CsWAD it's possible to create spraylogos and change your

logo while playing CS or other HL-MOD's, select a spraylogo

from one or more lists, wich is ready to spray after the next

map change.

You can see a preview of the logos or textures and save them

as a BMP-File. Furthermore you can create your own logos from

BMP-Files. With the integrated BCT (BlueCorrectionTranslation)

it's possible to cut out the dreaded 'blue edges' from transparent


And: You must not extra start CsWAD - CsWAD is starter for

Steam or HL/CS, incl. retailversion, itself!



- Administration of several logo lists

- Ready to go with Steam and CS v1.6

- Automatic detection of Standard-HL-MODs

- Customization to WinXP and Win2k

- Change the spraylogo during gameplay of CS

- Select the logo with Switch-Key and/or Menu-Key

- Backup of all important system files at first start

- Automatic assignment of free keys

- Automatic customization of config files

- Multi-Selection in file list

- Preview of textures inside WAD-Files incl. Console-Pic

- Preview of BMP-Files and create logos from these files

- Blue correction (BCT) to prevent blue edges

- Save the textures as BMP-Files

- Start from HL/CS via CsWAD

- Coopration with CsGUI v1.53



Unpack the selfextracting ZIP-Archiv into an arbitrary folder.

After this make a shortcut to CsWAD on your desktop.

You can enter additional start options for MOD's but you must

not. CsWAD is detecting Standard-MOD's automatic. And, CsWAD

is 'passing through' these options to HL.



Notes and reviews to: [email protected]

e-mail: [email protected] or [email protected]

Homepage: http://www.csgui.de

Many, many thanks to DrkShadow for portions of WAD-Code, Irfan Skiljan, http://www.irfanview.com,

for tips and William Yu for Rapid-Q!

Many thanks to [PoDBoT]SirLarek, http://www.podbot-clan.de, for detecting bugs in the convert and

setup function and testing with HLSW.

Thanks to XARDAS for testing retail version and MODs.

Thanks to all guys (esp. Smiller and Cube) from http://www.spraylogos.de for testing and discussions.


Thanks to Grobi, http://www.moco-clan.de, for the 'AgainstSteam'-Logo.

Good luck.:-)


That's the bottom line - because

[email protected] said so!

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