Go Record

A chinise checks style board game...

Go Record

A chinise checks style board game.

Go Recorder for the Pilot (version 1.0)

Unregistered Version

- pdb2sgf.exe

This is an MS-DOS program that creates SGF (Smart Go Format) files out of

the Pilot Database which is created on the PC after a HotSync. The program

can have two parameters. The first parameter is the name of the directory

where the Pilot database can be found. This will be something like:



The second parameter is the name of the directory where the SGF-files will be

written. If no parameters are given the program reads from and writes into

the current directory.

A seperate file is created for each game-record. The filename is constructed

out of the date and time of a game-record.

Remark: a HotSync does not overwrite databases in the Backup directory.

Therefore pdb2sgf deletes the database (which is called GoGames.PDB) after

the SGF-files are created. This way all the game-records which are in the Pilot

will be transfered to the PC during the next HotSync.

- gorec.prc

This is the Pilot application. Load it into your Pilot in he usual way.

I hope the use of the program is self-explaining. Just a few remarks:

You have to enter the handicap stones yourself. This makes it possible to

use "Chinese style" handicap stone placing.

In replay mode the hardware scroll buttons on the Pilot can be used to go t

hrough a game. Scroll down selects the next move and with the scroll up button

you go back 1 move.

In recording mode it is also possible to "undo" moves. This

can be done with the "undo" menu entry as well as with a Graffiti backspace

stroke. In recording mode with a 19x19 board it is possible to switch

between a 'full board view' and a 'quarter board view'. The hardware scroll up

button switches to the full board view and the hardware scroll down button

switches to the quarter board view. In the quarter board view there are four

small squares in the corners; touching these brings you to another square.

In the opening screen there is a 'Preferences' menu-entry. Here

you can specify if suicide moves are allowed and if you want to see flashing

stones to signal the last move played.

Have fun!

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e-mail: [email protected]

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