Unreal Tournament 3 - UT2D Killing Time Maps

Travel through time destroying enemy robots and beings that...

Unreal Tournament 3 - UT2D Killing Time Maps

Travel through time destroying enemy robots and beings that are attempting to destroy your planet. Seek to destroy Monolith, the giant robot boss that controls the attack to save your world.

Make Something Unreal Submission:

- MSU Phase 4:Best Non-FPS Game Mod

- MSU Phase 4:Best Art for a Game Mod

- MSU Phase 4:Best Level for Game Mod

- MSU Phase 4:Educational Category

- MSU Phase 4:Best Graphics in Map

- MSU Phase 4:Best Use of Physics

Killing Time Includes four Levels:

(3 Multiplayer and 1 Single Player)

Multiplayer (UT2D - CTF):

1) Robot Factory

Description: Battle in a futuristic Robot Factory against other players.

2) Space Station

Description: Battle in a futuristic Space Station against other players.

Multiplayer (UT2D - Team Death Match):

3) Underworld

Description: Battle under a modern City against other players.

Single Player (UT2D - Team Death Match game type):

4) Monolith

Description: You are our Hero; Salsa Snake and must find and Destroy the treacherous Monolith (while battling waves of robots and other enemies) to save the world from Destruction.


This was a project created in Game Wizards, a video game production team based at the Art Institute of Los Angeles- Santa Monica California.


Killing Time Credits:

Level Design:


Philip Donahue

Sean McNamara

Thomas Owens

Matt Hutchinson

Nathan Lau

Art Team Leads:


Joseph Ho (Overall Art)

Daryl Tancino (Street Section)

Luis Lopez (Subway Section)

Jira Fuanafoo (Concept)

Michael Delfin (Sci-Fi)

Character Design/Import:


Kendrick Hong

Jennica Derksen

Concept Art:


Gabriel Peregino

Caesar Rodriguez

Kirk Farrell

Environment Artists (asset creation):


Christian Munoz

Gerardo Tioseco

Fernando Almeraya

Roxana Bracanontes

Jose Caballero

Clarence Padua

Eric Ofoe

Matt Evans

David Manners

Marc Hughley

Jem Aldini

Mark Nunez

Carlo Belmonte

Nelson Hernandez

Josh Davis

Robin Poziombke

Ryan Dao

Dominique Johnson

Vi Ngo

Andres Llanos

Betty Rubio

Trevion Overton

Bright Akyempon


Joe Bates AKA J.Bizzler ([email protected])of Warrenville, IL. for the Original UT2D code.

Please visit the official Killing Time website for more info. & screen shots!


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