Unreal Tournament 3 - Killing Time: Time Enforcers Mod

UT2D Total Conversion Mod featuring: Single Player Campaign,...

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Unreal Tournament 3 - Killing Time: Time Enforcers Mod

UT2D Total Conversion Mod featuring: Single Player Campaign, 3 Multiplayer maps, and a 6 character customization pack. Throughout the expanse of time and space, many beings have tried to achieve ultimate power... when perhaps the most chaotic of powers was discovered, that of time travel, a specialized force had to be assembled to regulate and control it: Time Enforcers.

Thanks for your interest in Killing Time 2k9

(Time Enforcers)To install just drag the KillingTime2k9 & UTGame folders to the shortcut provided.The "KillingTime2k9" folder within the Unreal Tournament 3 folder (once copied there) will contain the Game Launch Shortcut. You may need to choose the correct user path. The Shortcut provided may also need to have the properties edited to reflect where your ...\Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3 folder is located.Please check the properties on the shortcut and edit if your copy of unreal is in a different spot. Notice that if you have a 64 bit system you may need to change the prefix to Program Files. Have Fun! - email if you have any problems or questions:[email protected]: The credits at the end of the game reflect the teams on the two base projects but not the most recent Total Conversion Mod (this one) with two fully combined games, cinematic bridges, and also featuring a Single Player Campaign and Several Multiplayer UT2D maps. The Temporary Credits for the final (Time Enforcers) Project are as follows:Project Lead: Philip Donahue

Programmer and UT2D Code Author: Jo Bates

Cinematics: Sean McNamara

Technical Designer: Namky Tran

Artwork: Gerardo Tioseco...and Special Thanks to:

Toli Carter

Joey Thompson

Andy Clayton

Tim Jordan

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