This is a cool map created by Tern for you Thief fans...


This is a cool map created by Tern for you Thief fans.

Aug 20, 1999

=================================================================================== Author : Tern

Contact Info :

Homepage : Not Entered

Date of Release : Aug 20, 1999 Description : Me first effort...a small-medium sized level with various elements and surprises. Feedback of all kinds is welcome, either by email or in the Editor's Guild Forum. I'm considering working on an .avi briefing; please let me know if it would even be worth it :) In the meantime turn out the lights, crank the speakers, enjoy yourself, explore freely, and don't forget to read the scroll you start out with.

Briefing : No =================================================================================== * Playing Information * Game : Thief: The Dark Project

Mission Title : Payback!

File Name : miss20

Difficulty Settings : No

Equipment Store : No

Map : It didn't want to work

Auto Map : No

New Graphics : No

New Sounds : Aye, sort of

Multi-Language Support : No Briefing : Not yet, but.....

Length : n/a

Size : n/a Difficulty Level Info : n/a

* Construction * Base : from scratch

Build Time : about a month and a half =================================================================================== * Loading Information * =================================================================================== * Copyright Information * ©1999 TernsNest Multimedia Design Distribute this level in its original form only; please don't modify it in any way, shape or form. Please email me the access codes for any Swiss bank accounts that may be in your possession. Drink your Ovaltine. Guinness is good for you. This level was not made and is not supported by Looking Glass Studios or Eidos

Interactive. Thanks be to the Thief Editors' Guild Forum...this level would still be months in the making w/out you guys

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