The Docks v1.2

Entrusted by the Keepers to recover a stolen amulet, the...

The Docks v1.2

Entrusted by the Keepers to recover a stolen amulet, the prize has come in by ship and awaits at the dock.


GOLD EDITION v1.2 Author: J.Roberts 'Gonchong'

Contact info:

Homepage: Date of release: 20/8/99

EAX/Briefing Update March 00 Description: You have been entrusted by the Keepers to recover a

stolen amulet which was aquired by one of Ramirez's agents on

a distant island. A ship has now returned and is in dock awaiting

unloading. But you aim to unload it first... New Version:

Includes Multi-objectives, difficulty levels, original music,

many architechture AI improvements, new areas, loadout, and a more

sneak friendly boat. Notes: It gets a bit frame rate heavy on the dockside bits, so you probably want a fast processor to run it smoothly. I had to keep the seas small, due to game engine stuff, so you'll have to use your imagination... If you think the level is too dark (scared eh?) then

brighten it a bit using the +/- keys or monitor controls. Designed with Zero Ambient light in mind and not changed. Sue me. Further Notes

* Play Information * Game: Thief: The Dark Project

Mission Title: The Docks

File name: / miss15.mis

Difficulty Settings: Yes

Equipment store: Yes

Map / automap: Map

New graphics: No

New sounds: Yes

Multi language support: No

Briefing : Yes

EAX Support : Yes * Construction * Build Time : Too many precious hours I could've wasted down the pub. Additional Credits:

Additional Design Help -AE 2Guru 'M'

Briefing © San Sanitch. (See Brief_(c).txt) --------------------------

* Loading information * Use Thiefloader.

-------------------------- * Copyright * This level is (c) by Gonchong productions 1999 Distribution of this level is allowed as long as it is free and the package is kept intact.

You may include this level to a map pack without my permission. Tell me first if you want.

No one may edit and re-distribute this mission without my express permission. This level was not made and is not supported by Looking Glass Studios or Eidos Interactive.

No animals were harmed during production. So There.

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